Women smiling on a Zoom call together

"I feel that the SSAG showed more of a female presence in high positions of classical music than what I see at my university. The support of fellow students was also motivating. In general, I truly felt like the space was welcoming, which I really needed. My confidence has increased a lot, and the all-female environment definitely made me more calm and allowed my attitude to be more open and less guarded.” -Kailyn, 2022 Violin Student; Georgia, USA

“The SSAG is an unforgettable experience that I will cherish and be grateful for my whole life. You have impacted my life in ways you can't imagine, and helped me find my peace through music.I am forever grateful to you!!” -Rosy, 2021 Violin Student, Syria

“Melanie’s mission is strong and the service she provides young musicians is extremely relevant. It was a pleasure to join her excellent faculty. I hope to see this program continue and flourish.” Astrid Schween, Cello Faculty, Juilliard

Women smiling on a Zoom call together

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. SSAG is one of the best festivals I’ve ever done. You’re so supportive, and a massive inspiration for me!” Sophia, 2021 Violin Student, England

“I really loved SSAG and I'm so excited to build on what I have learned!” Carlyn, 2022 Cello Student, Florida, USA

“I was incredibly pleased to work with these bright young musicians in the supportive and encouraging environment of SSAG, and amongst this inspiring group of fellow faculty.” Joan DerHovsepian, Principal Viola, Houston Symphony

“The SSAG was really life-changing for me; to be able to meet all of these wonderful and strong people, and having these supportive people in my life is amazing. I think this is the first time I feel comfortable with myself, and so confident too. Thank you so much!” - Gabriela, 2021 Viola Student; Venezuela

Women smiling on a Zoom call together

“This was a great experience, and one of the best festivals I have attended” Alexandra, 2022 Cello Student, New Jersey, USA

“ I am so excited for what this festival will become in future years. I think it can be a powerhouse of female energy, creativity, and artistic expression that expands boundaries and lifts up every participant and teacher. What a beautiful celebration of our commitment to each other!!” Kirsten Yon, Violin Faculty, University of Houston