Kayleigh Miller doing a sit up with her viola

Kayleigh Miller

Kayleigh Miller is a violist in the Pacific Northwest Ballet, as well as a personal trainer, yoga, and pilates instructor in Seattle, WA. She combines her love for movement and music through her work with her blog Musicians Health Collective, and works with private clients both online and in person. As a movement instructor, she has been teaching for over 9 years, and completed her comprehensive pilates training with physical therapist Karen Sanzo in Dallas TX. Kayleigh has completed numerous supplementary training in biomechanics, anatomy, strength training, special conditions, and more. She is currently certifying through the Z-health movement system, a neuro-centric approach to fitness, and enjoys applying those principles to both music and movement. She is a current member of the Chautauqua Symphony, a regular extra with the Seattle Symphony, and former member of the San Antonio Symphony. She completed her musical studies with Carol Rodland at the New England Conservatory and Eastman School of Music.